Billionaire Board Game Family Party Game

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Billionaire Board Game Family Party Game

Product name
: Billionaire Board Game Family Party Game
: Plastic.
Packaging Size
: L 52cm x H 26cm x W 6cm.
Maintenance      : Wipe the product with clean, dry cloth.

Suitable for 7 and above .

What's included :

- Your Billionaire game set x 1.

This is one of the best options for one or more player to play together. It's the fast-dealing property trading game where players buy, sell, dream and scheme their way to riches. Players buy, sell and trade to win also build houses and hotels on your properties. Chance and Community Chest cards can change everything. Choose your token, place it on GO! and roll the dice to own it all! There can be only one winner in the Billionaire game. Will it be you?

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