Happy Dancing Cactus Dance Toy 120 Songs Swing Twisted Electric Plush Musical Toys Singing and Dancing Illuminated Record Funny Doll

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Product name: Dancing Cactus Plush Toys Recommended age: Over 4 Years Specification: 3 songs (no lighting and record)/ 120 songs+lighting+recording/168 songs recording+no lighting(with hat and scarf) Product features:

☆New style cactus with a hat and scarf while holds a flower is much more fun to bring you joys. It can dance and sing, also you could talk with it and it will record your words.

☆The cactus toy is made with soft materials, when turn on the button, it can be twisted to sing and dance, bringing laughter to the family and friend.

☆There are three variations for you to choose, include 3 songs no record, 120 songs with record and lighting and 168 songs with record but no lighting. The 120 songs and 168 songs version can also record and speak after you. ☆As for the 120 songs and 168 songs version, you could press the record button and record the words you like and play for your lover or friend.

☆The cute and funny cactus-shaped ornaments can dance for a few hours, which can very easily to catch kids’ attention and bring them happiness.

☆The toy is full filled with PP cotton with strong resilience and soft touching, will not easy to deform and dust absorption. Note: Please pay attention that the toy needs to use strong power battery due to its advanced chip, thus please try to use Energizer or Panasonic or other brand battery if your toy cannot work with normal battery. And if you have any questions, just feel free to contact us. Thank you